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Art Nation Signature Regular Creative & Art Program

is a series of regular classes designed to enhance students’ imagination and to build self-confidence in their artistic talents through a playful activity-based learning approach. This course provides an introduction to different arts and cultures, ranging from classic to contemporary, as well as some of the world-renowned artists. As if you are a time traveller, this course is meant to be fun and exploratory. The program includes: painting, charcoal drawing, sculpture, montage, and screen printing, etc… With demonstrations and guidance, students will experiment with a variety of materials, techniques, and styles. We aim to instill an appreciation for arts and a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, with encouragement of autonomy and optimism. Segmented by 5 age groups, the program ranges from “Graffiti Angel” for preschoolers to “Senior” for adults; each group specifically addresses different level of developmental needs. The program is designed based on the fundamental concept of the Art Nation, which emphasizes absolute happiness and respect for individuality. From personal creation to collaboration, from inside to outside the classroom, and from expression of enthusiasm to practice of patience, our program aims to broaden students’ creative horizons and foster critical thinking.


Important Notice:
Art Nation (2019-2020) Regular Course Schedule is out常規課程時間表已出爐。

Regular Course Students Admission Policy: Art Nation恆常班收生政策:

To uphold the quality of our school, all prospective students to our regular course are required to take a trial lesson,admission result will be sent out later.Applicants referred by our students will be given due consideration.
為保持本校質素:凡報讀Art Nation恆常班之學生,必須先經過試堂甄選, 取錄與否將另行通知。若經舊生推薦,可獲優先考慮。


Art Classes


Befriending colors. 

Scribbling stage is an important period for the kiddies to flex their little exploratory muscles and to encourage  them  to  make  the  discovery  of art by learning colors, lines, 3-dimensional spaces, and plane figures , and by   participating  in  different  inspiring  games. We aim to create a  joyful  and  fulfilling  experience  that  builds  self-esteem, unleashes  imagination  and unfolds  a page  of life what is so vibrantly colorful.Through art as a media,kiddies will  learn  to   collaborate   and   develop   social   skills.



Be an adventurous soul. 

Let’s give full vent to children’s imagination! During pre-school period, children have intrepid 

imagination stretching from the deepest sea to the vast space. Our courses are designed to fulfill their curiosity and ignite their creativity. Students will accomplish one adventurous story after another. Once they start to grasp hold of the basic idea of different forms, our courses will gradually develop their planning and organizing skills in order to express their unpredictable imagination.



Apples aren’t always red.

We  try  to throw  off the  shackles  of  traditional perceptions and mindset and   put   on  an  international  thinking  cap.  Our Junior  Courses  teach about some of the most influential artists and their different artistic styles. Through appreciation of various masterpieces and creations, students are encouraged to nurture and develop their  creative  mind. From  individual creations  to  small-group  competitions  and  team project collaborations, students will learn to appreciate each other and share the positive spirit of learning. 



Technique, Creativity & Balance

We are the masters of realism to abstract painting. During intermediate level, children reach a developmental stage where they have attained a certain level of figurative cognition; they will learn more about objective visual elements, theories, and art genres such as drawing techniques and different art movements and categories. Yet Art Nation does not encourage constrained thinking. Students will develop their aesthetic sense and broaden their artistic horizons through balanced 

training of techniques and creativities. 



Art is the core of civilizations and cultures.

It is a subtle blend of objective science and abstract philosophy. Are you ready? Let’s start from here.

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