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The Art Nation offers a platform that ignites boundless imagination and fresh inspiration beyond its seemingly rigid frames of physical dimensions. It is a gallery of art, a school of happiness, a studio of creativity, and a place of leisure. We only bring you the best Best Education.It provides an open dialogue for the public to share their ideas of arts and culture to simply enjoy the Highest Standard Art Education and to submerge in the art.We believe in a carefree & friendly lifestyle and that art is universal. Our creative studio offers a series of themed workshops.We will regularly invite guest artists and designers to host various seminars and workshops, so that they can share their visions and experiences with the public interactively. Our creative school emphasizes on absolute happiness, fulfilled life and innovative thinking.Under the activity teaching approach,we provide a range of well-organized and age-appropriate art programs for pre-school kids to adults. To ensure our students will receive high quality art education and friendly creative coaching, all instructors are professional artists and devoted art workers, who received the

Outstanding Teacher Award as recognition of their teaching excellence. Furthermore, our top priority is to ensure the safety of all participants,especially children; thus,the Art Nation uses painting colours of trusted the world famous brands from the Netherlands,Swiss,Germany,Spain and Australia, that are free from toxic substances.


Art Nation提供一個藝術平台,在有限的空間內創造無限的想像,它既是一所藝術畫廊,也是快樂的學校,它是一個創作工作室,也是一個休息間••••••我們為學生提供的是最優質及最高質的’教育’及藝術教育’。一個給予大眾與藝術溝通的媒體,給予來自不同地區的最優質及正規的藝術教育,理念是無拘無束及親切的,藝術是歸屬於任何一個的。而創意工作坊就提供一系列主題工作坊,我們將定期邀請藝術家及設計師進行一系列創作講座及工作坊,讓市民可直接接觸創作者的經驗及體驗經驗。而創意學校強調活動教學、絶對快樂,完整人生及啟發思維為理念,將提供一系列創意及藝術課程,其對象由學前pre-school到成人。導師均為藝術家及藝術工作者,更屢獲獎項,學生將獲得最優質及和善的教育。Art Nation彩用的顏料均來自澳洲,瑞士、西班牙、德國及荷蘭等,以最優質的品牌確保無毒及成就最好的質素。

The Art Nation’s Signature Creative & Art Program is a series of regular classes designed to enhance students’ imagination & to build self-confidence in their artistic talents through a playful activity-based learning approach. This course provides an introduction to different arts and cultures, ranging from classic to contemporary, as well as some of the world-renowned artists. As if you are a time traveller,this course is meant to be fun and exploratory. The program includes: painting, charcoal drawing, sculpture, montage, and screen printing, etc… With demonstrations and guidance, students will experiment with a variety of materials, techniques, and styles.We aim to instill an appreciation for arts and a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, withencouragement of autonomy and optimism. Segmented by 5 age groups, the program ranges from “Kiddies” for preschoolers to “Senior” for adults ; each  group specifically addresses different level  of developmental needs. The program is designed based on the fundamental concept of the Art Nation, which emphasizes absolute happiness and respect for individuality.From personal creation to collaboration,from inside to outside the classroom,and from expression of enthusiasm to practice of patience, our program aims to broaden students’ creative horizons and foster critical thinking.


‘The Art Nation’s Signature Creative & Art Program 是一個綜合螺旋型式的恆常課程,利用藝術作媒介,穿梭古今,由古代到現代認識不同民族藝術文化及歷代偉大藝術家,以活動的手法發揮學生想像及潛能, 堅壯自信心。 課程包羅了繪畫、素描、雕塑、拼貼、水墨、現代水墨板畫、混合媒介......各媒體結合不同視覺元素指導,分別跟據兒童心理及身理發展,培養學生的藝術素養、互愛、尊重、欣賞、豁達、合作、獨立...... 等精神。課程跟據年齡分為五層,由學前的Kiddies到Senior,每個組別的課程內容層層而進,尊重個性及照顧個別差異,以 Art Nation式的藝術教育精神設計活動, 由個人創作到集體創作, 由教室內再走到教室外, 由舒坦熱情到訓練耐性,開拓創意思維, 優化個人品質及修養。’

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